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Frequently Asked Questions

Training and Assessment

Your trainer is available for ongoing support or to address any queries you may have as you progress through your qualification. You can message your trainer directly from the Learner Portal. Each month you will receive an email advising you of the support sessions available. These sessions include phone support, webinars or tutorial support. If you need additional or special assistance, please email or contact our office via phone on 07 3806 1543. 

Generally you will be allowed 3 attempts at any assessment without penalty.  You can request additional attempts through your trainer but be aware, additional charges may apply.

Each course is different but the information can be found on the relevant course information pack. Extensions can be arranged for valid reasons eg medical conditions, extended absences etc. 

We offer a range of support systems ranging from telephone support, face-to-face workshops, recorded and live webinars, messaging and forums.  The options depend on the course you are undertaking but you will never be left without expert advice.

Most courses require you to do some work outside any workshop that is conducted.  This might be research, practical activities or answering knowledge questions.  Your course outline will provide a detailed overview of the course so you can see how much work is involved.

Competency based training and assessment means that timeframes are almost irrelevant.  You can complete most courses at your own pace so the harder you work and more committed you are, the quicker you will finish.

As your trainer may be "on the road" delivering training sessions, we need to re-allocate the marking to other highly qualified trainers/assessors.  Also, we often allocate different assessors for moderation and to inform our continuous quality improvement processes.

We aim to mark all assessments within 10 working day turnaround.  Usually assessments are marked faster than this but in busy times, there may be slight delays.

An extension can be requested with your trainer via email prior to the due date. We do expect that you will then either adjust or return to your original training plan due dates.  A once off ‘suspension’ of up to 90 days can be pre-approved to avoid the requirement of paying a $195 re-enrolment fee if you have exceeded the course time allowed and are withdrawn.


This acronym stands for Recognition of Prior Learning.  That means that evidence of the knowledge, skills and experience you’ve acquired through the “University of Life” can be “credited” towards a full qualification or individual units of competency.

The evidence required will be different for every unit of competency you apply for.  Generally speaking, you will need to provide things like your resume, position descriptions, references etc as a starting point.  We provide comprehensive suggested RPL evidence list upon enrolment.

You can enrol in units offered through the delivery and assessment pathway to complete them with us or any other provider.


It’s obviously important to remember passwords or record them somewhere safe but if it accidently fell out of your brain, you can use the Forgot Username/password facility. The auto response generated may land in your junk or spam folder so check there too.

Your progress bar will only show when all assessments have been marked as correct.  You may need to go through your assessment results to ensure that nothing has been missed or marked as incorrect therefore needing to be amended and resubmitted. 

Check your junk, spam and clutter mail folders, as these autogenerated tokens sometimes end up there. If you still have not received them please email and provide an alternative email address and we will resend the links to you.

There are several reasons why this may occur so please check:

• The file type is accepted by the system.  For example, OneNote files are not supported.

• The file is within the maximum size limit.

• Your browser is the current or recent version.


Once you have successfully completed all the assessments in your course, your file is checked and the issuance process begins.  This can take up to 30 days but we work hard to do it in far, far less time than this.  Delays occur if you have not paid your invoice, provided us with a valid USI or completed the survey that will be sent to you when your file has been validated.  We issue our certificates electronically with a signature verification and security system.  If you want a hard copy of your certificate sent, please request to

A fee of $50 applies for the reissuance of any certificates lost or sent to an old address due to details not being updated by students. 

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