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Delivery Options

We provide a variety of options for how you can do the course of your choice. Here is an explanation of the five different Delivery Options. Please check the course you’re interested in doing to see which options are available.

1. Live Class


We still believe that many people learn best through personal interaction, discussions and activities.  Our live classes are offered for some courses where you will attend a group workshop with a trainer to support and guide you through the learning and assessment.   There’s no waiting for an email reply or to get a call back – you can have the answers to your questions as they come up for you. Ask us for scheduled course dates at locations convenient to you.


We can also come to your workplace and deliver a customised program to meet specific workplace needs. Minimum numbers apply so please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

2. Blended Learning

This is our most popular, flexible and efficient way to complete a course or qualification.  As the title implies, this learning is a combination of live classes, online study, self-paced activities, recorded and live webinars. 

3. Online

The entire course is offered electronically through our Learning Management System called Axcelerate.   There are all sorts of resources to play with when you study online with us.  Your course may include access to one of our immersive learning environments, interactive assessments, video, audio and forums as well as providing a means for you to track your own progress and communicate with your trainer. 

4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process that is used to recognise the skills and knowledge you have acquired through personal and work experience - the "University of Life".  The evidence you provide is matched to a complete qualification where possible or alternatively, to part of a qualification. A successful RPL application means that you could receive certification without further study or may be able to fast track through a qualification. Please contact us to organise an individual assessment of your current training and assessment skills.  

5. Traineeship

Traineeships are a combination of “earning and learning” and can be offered to new and existing staff in a part or full-time capacity. Trainees are employed whilst completing their qualification under the supervision of experienced Blueprint trainers and assessors. Contact us for more information.

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