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We offer the following courses and qualifications in tourism and hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry offers many exciting and rewarding careers ranging from casual, "gap year" type employment to fabulous international opportunities. The industry is as flexible as it is diverse so your dream job may be in a hotel, restaurant, catering company, resort, airline, club, cruise ship, reception or function centre. The "world is your oyster" and it all starts with the simple step of enrolling with us today in a wide range of courses.

In many cases, you can learn online, via correspondence, in our classrooms or through a traineeship. What are you waiting for?

Blueprint Career Development is dedicated to contravening the cycle of unemployment in rural areas of Queensland. Blueprint targets geographical areas where other RTO’s consider to be too far in distance to travel to.  We provide the necessary skills training and qualifications in rural, remote and indigenous communities to expand individual career opportunities.  Individuals in regional communities such as Ayr, Moranbah, Malanda and Innisfail become significantly more employable. Through a holistic approach to education and training, Blueprint Career Development aims to guide its students in all geographical areas to achieving greater personal success and breaking unproductive cycles in their professional and personal lives.