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Emmaus Celebrates Top Achiever

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One of our school based trainees was recently awarded the Vocational Pathways Academic Excellence award for Emmaus College. Congratulations Louise Tuckett and well done to her trainer Naomi Sherrington.

Emmaus College have awarded their best and brightest at the Year 7-12 Celebration of Learning Awards.

Year 12 students Clancy Schuller and Louise Tuckett were the special recipients of two of Emmaus College’s most prestigious Academic Excellence Awards for 2016.

Ms Schuller received the OP Academic Excellence award for her high achievements, making her the highest ranking student in Year 12.

While, Ms Tuckett took home the Vocational Pathways Academic Excellence Award for maintaining her academic results while pursuing a Certificate III in Hospitality – completing a traineeship where she devoted 12 months to work experience.

Ms Tuckett has also completed a Certificate III in Events and a Certificate II in Tourism.

As part of her last official duty as school captain, Rebekah O’Brien addressed the school community acknowledging the day’s celebration was about recognising the input of all students to achieve personal success – today and tomorrow.

"Even though we gather today to celebrate the learning we have already done, we also take this time to encourage our future learning, for it is an inevitable part of life," she said.

Year 12 student Jennifer Wynne took home the Pierre de Coubertin award, which recognises secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic movement through participating in sporting activities.

Year 11 student Brooke English received the Sportsperson of the Year award for sports achievements including making the College SECA team for cross country, athletics and touch football.

Brooke was also acknowledged for her being selected as a shadow player for the Queensland Touch team.

Year 10 student Megan Gillespie and Year 12 student Daniel Russell were awarded the Australian Defence Force Leadership Award for their leadership in and out of the Emmaus College community including participation in social justice endeavours.

Year 10 student Alby Gillis was presented with Logan City Council’s Secondary All Rounder Award by councillor Trevina Schwarz for his commitment to his studies, participation in a range of college activities including a role in the 2016 musical Aladdin and for consistently demonstrating the ethos of the college.

Year 12 student Zac Boyce was received the Caltex All Rounder Award for active contribution to the life of Emmaus College.

Zac willingly engaged with and improved his results during Year 12 and happily participated in and supported college events, including notable representation at the Confraternity Shield competition in July.

He was commended for consistently conducting himself in a mature and respectful manner – clearly demonstrating the mission and values of the college.

Assistant principal Claire Proberts congratulated all the students who had received awards at the ceremony.

"Today we have celebrated learning in many different shapes and forms and in doing so it is important to acknowledge that we have all been successful today," she said.

"Sometimes (a celebration of learning) happens in a small group of friends as one learns the ropes of a new game; or with family – learning to listen and understand; and of course in a classroom.

"Learning happens often when we least expect it - or indeed in those quiet ‘aha’ moments or in our own reflection and acknowledgment of our progress,  no matter the margin, and in knowing that we learned enough to progress further than we did yesterday."