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The drive to learn is probably an innate part of every individual and is often inspired by something that has captured our interest or a requirement of our career path.  Necessity driven learning is what people do in order to qualify for an employment position, obtain a license or move up a pay scale.  If we are lucky, we'll also be interested in the learning topic since enthusiasm is almost as big a motivator as curiosity.

At Blueprint Career Development, we know that formal learning suits some people but others prefer more flexibility.  Some of our learners want nationally recognised qualifications but many simply want to satisfy a desire to master a skill or acquire knowledge.  Regardless of why you want to learn, we have an enviable range of subject matter offered online, in the classroom, on the job or by correspondence.

One program that has proven to be enormously popular and success is our Certificate II in Self Awareness and Development.  This program is about individuals reaching their full potential through self-awareness and using their understanding to prepare themselves for success – in every sense of the word.  Professional trainers and life coaches support learners to integrate socio-cultural learning with practical exercises, coaching and problem solving.  They enable participants to overcome significant barriers to develop personal commitment and confidence.  Participants can expect to be surprised, challenged and occasionally confronted as their prevailing personal beliefs and behaviours are re-aligned with the hallmarks of success.